Appreciation Day! Some personal history.

Appreciation Day (Book Cover)

Val and I were kids growing up under the frightening shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960’s. The air raid siren atop our elementary school blared on an almost daily basis as it prepared for the real thing (nuclear war!). We, like many other children, saw fear in our parents’ faces. Our dreams were rarely absent of nightmares.

The relentless unease and worry turned that period of our childhood away from play, fun and happiness. The world became bleak in our eyes. We had no control over any of it, so enthusiasm dripped away and left us sad. Yes, the threat was temporary, but we didn’t know that, and no one thought about much else. Appreciation Day is a reminder to children that just one positive emotion, one happy thought, has tremendous power. Not only does it bring relief, it renews their relationship with play, fun and happiness.

But don’t let it come and go, kids. Hold that thought!

Larry & Val.

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