Appreciation Day (Book Cover)

Appreciation Day!

It's never far away!

Conner is a boy who can’t see colours. He’s glum; stuck in a grey, lackluster world. His vibrant younger sister, Katie hatches a wild plan to help Conner use the emotion of appreciation to see colours for the first time. Katie’s plan relies on one crucial thing to succeed: a purple and blue dog!

Appreciation Day is an uplifting story for children having a hard time finding reasons to feel good. That can be difficult at the best of times, these days perhaps more than ever. Appreciation Day is a reminder to children that just one positive emotion, one happy thought, has the power to renew their relationship with play, fun and happiness.

what they said

This is a beautiful book that explains depression in a very child-friendly way. I would definitely use this with clients, both child and adult.

Sheri Eggleton

Pathstone Mental Heath


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