Future titles include: The Paw Print,
That Weird Daydreaming Girl,
and Bennett the Superhero Duck.


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Bennett The Runaway Duck

Never Roam from Home!

Adorable, headstrong Bennett Duck gets his feelings hurt and runs away from home. He quickly finds out that little ducks are sitting ducks without the protection of family and friends. This humorous, richly illustrated tale…

Also available in French

Appreciation Day!

It's never far away!

Conner is a boy who can’t see colours. He’s glum; stuck in a grey, lackluster world. His vibrant younger sister, Katie hatches a wild plan to help Conner use the emotion of appreciation to see colours for the first time. Katie’s plan relies on one crucial thing to succeed: a purple and blue dog!


The picture book for women escaping domestic violence
and facing difficult questions from their children.
Please read this only if you are somewhere safe.

Escape from the Mad Man

For your first nights of freedom

Escape from the Mad Man is based on one pivotal night in Valerie’s experience with domestic violence. She wanted to tell this story in a picture book to give you a tool she didn’t have back then, a way to tell children the truth in a format that is familiar to them.