Valerie Elmhirst is an artist from Montreal, Quebec where she studied at the School of Art & Design, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. She currently works from her studio in Ontario where she lives with her second husband, Larry Lalonde. Valerie considers not marrying Larry when they met in kindergarten a serious lapse in judgement. 

Larry Lalonde is a writer and producer from Montreal, Quebec. His credits include the science fiction comedy feature film Top of the Food Chain (aka, Invasion!), the Canadian TV series Murdoch Mysteries and The Pinkertons, and shows for Netflix, SYFY, CBS, NBC and the CTV network in Canada.

Valerie Elmhirst and Larry Lalonde met in kindergarten in Montreal. They married fifty-four years later. By then, they had many stories to tell. Valerie is an artist. Larry is a writer. It made sense to combine their talents to create picture books to tell those stories.