“Escape from the Mad Man”, now in paperback, is available on Amazon!

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The picture book for women escaping domestic violence and facing difficult questions from their children.

Please read this only if you are somewhere safe.  

Escape from the Mad Man is based on one pivotal night in Valerie’s experience with domestic violence. She wanted to tell this story in a picture book to give you a tool she didn’t have back then, a way to tell children the truth in a format that is familiar to them.

Domestic abuse is a difficult subject for a picture book. The book needed to be honest but hopeful. It needed to take children’s sensibilities into account. The text says what needs to be said and no more. The illustrations are not graphic in nature; they deal with the emotions involved.

Please order only if you are somewhere safe.  …If the “Free Preview” won’t work for you, click on “Sample Pages” in the top menu.

We hope you and your children will move past this frightening time with as much support and love as possible. Thank you, and all our very best.

Valerie Elmhirst & Larry Lalonde