Every step of my journey was depicted for me in this book. What it did was show me you can escape, that life can change. It’s not a scary book, it’s one that grasps the situation. I recommend this as a tool to help navigate the path of understanding. I spent 30 years as a police officer, and I’ve seen this scenario too many times. Reach out for help, connect to the right path!

Inspector Linda Gillis Davidson, Regimental number O1882. Royal Canadian Mounted Police

It is a very tough topic, but the authors have done an excellent job in presenting domestic abuse in a way that Moms and their children can relate to. Families will have different specific experiences but the main points about anger, control, physical and emotional damage are unfortunately consistent across abusive situations and this book has dealt with all of these issues. This book would be a useful resource for shelters, organizations and individuals going through abusive situations. 

Shelley Deegan, Speech-Language Pathologist, Ret.

Dark but filled with hope. Frightening but not negative. Hard truths told clearly with words and pictures. Don’t miss this book.

Dave MacCallum (reviewed on

Click on the link below to get your copy of “Escape from the Mad Man: For Your First Nights of Freedom”. Thank you and please be safe. -Valerie & Larry